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Will there be an android version?


Okay, I'll have to risk it and also ask what does the "F" key *actually* do.

inb4 "pay respects"

Well, other than issuing commendations, it mutes the ambient audio ;P


What does "f" do?


pay respects


It's neat! Just one question, what does each key do? some seem unclear

Attempting to run the file causes the .exe to disappear. Running it as an administrator also causes it to disappear and prompts a message reading; "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service." which I have a hard time believing.

Any suggestions or fixes?

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For anyone with similar issues, it is AV which causes this. At least for me. You need to add it to exceptions or disable AV temporarily.

Linux version, please.


I do not know what the W key does, I think the game should have more functions.


It steadies the camera

This is a bit of brainless fun! I like it a lot!

I just... I can't figure out what the W key does. Is it something obvious that I'm not seeing?

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I really liked Nagai Yamiji  and would have bought this one to support you if you're planing to make another platform/action.

However i couldn't help but wonder why Bound : Satori cost 3.00 usd here and 10.00 on dlsite ?


Dlsite has a really high commissioner fee. They usually take somewhere around 75% of all game profits unless you charge more for the game (  like, above $10).  So they probably upped the price to match it if I were to guess. Even selling at $10 they'll only receive 45% of the profit. That's why most people tend to sell on Itch first since their fees are far less severe.  


This is a really high(shocking even) number and would explain a lot. 

Yep!  DLSite takes a pretty penny for sure, but it's worth it for the extra reach to foreign markets.  If you're curious, you can take a look at their pricing model here:

So as that page says, selling the game at 1000yen nets me 450yen after DLSite/CuriousFactory take their cut.  I'd like to put it up for cheaper, but any lower and the percentage I get becomes smaller and smaller, and idk I already kinda dislike having a minority share of the profits as is.

Needless to say,  I definitely try to encourage people to purchase my stuff here lol

Oh, and I do want to make another platformer at some point!  I'm awful at being productive, so I'm sorry to say it'll likely be some time, but thank you so much for your support.  It definitely helps keeping me moving forward, even if it's at a snail's pace.